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Your service, our care.

The TNR-Techniek Team is ready to serve you as a reliable servicepoint in The Netherlands.

We can take care of the installation, inspection and maintenance of your logistic systems and production lines. According to the agreements made, but also flexible when unforeseen errors occur.

With almost 20 years experience, a 10-man allround serviceteam and knowledge of most logistic solutions, we are the ideal third party for you. 

And last but not least we arrive in neutral cars and clothing so we serve your name to the maximum.

The advantages of TNR-Techniek as your local servicepoint:
  • One servicepoint for The Netherlands and surrounding areas

  • No costs for organising your own servicepoint

  • Availability of a 24/7 service

  • Allround knowledge of many systems

  • Neutral cars and clothes

Curious how TNR-Techniek can help you to enlarge your market opportunities and lower your costs?

  • 24/7 service

  • Guaranteed arrival times

  • Also outside The Netherlands

  • Neutral appearance in cars and clothing

24/7 oncall service

Downtime means at least inconvenience for employees, irritated customers and immediate loss of money. When a system shuts down due to errors it’s important than there is an engineer on location in the shortest amount of time as possible.
TNR-Techniek can get a engineer in short time onsite. Guaranteed.

Only limited to the maximum time of arrival agreed in advance we can reach in reasonable distance parts of Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and even Northern France. With our broad knowledge, in cooperation with backup from your office, a solution can be closer.

​Of course also with 24/7 service our appearance is neutral, we carry no company names on our cars or clothing. We represent your company at your customer and so you can quickly help your relations at the moment it really counts.

  • Knowledge of and experienced with most systems

  • Maintenance with your inspection instructions

  • Comprehensive reports supplemented with photo's and advice

  • Possibility to cost reducing retrofits


The allround experience from our serviceteam also proves its value in maintenance. We know on systems where to pay extra attention like the welding on stacker cranes, maintenance of hoist cables and the functionality of end switches. On mobile racking we give extra focus on mechanical and electrical parts when they are installed in coldstores. The movement in mobile racking with temperatures below zero is extra stressful and a small problem can easily get worse.

​Similar to mobile racking we know the critical points on most systems in most conditions and we bring that knowledge to all our inspections and maintenance jobs and off course back in to our reports supplemented with photo’s and advice. So you and your customer receive a clear image of the actual state of the installation.

​The advice given in all our reports have the safety of collaborators on the highest level and the production up-time on second, but off course costs will always be an issue to remind. Sometimes older systems are not as efficient as they could be due to worn electric and mechanic parts; in that cases a retrofit is something that can update the current systems so they can carry on for several more years without investing in a complete new system.

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  • Knowledge of and experienced with most systems

  • Well prepared projects

  • Full mobile workshop with almost al necessary tools and materials


The TNR-team is at home in the installation of a large collection of logistic systems. Conveyor systems, sorting systems, warehouse cranes,  paternoster & shuttle systems and control cabinets. Our motto is that solid and reliable systems starts with a decent installation.

​Therefore we start every installation with good preparation. We visit the construction site and make, together with your project manager, a solid work plan both systematic and practical, creative and flexible, as that's where we like to distinguish ourselves.

​TNR-Techniek arrives prepared to expect the unexpected. With every installation we are equipped with our mobile workshop. A full truck equipped as a full workshop with column drill, sawbench and many, many other tools and items to make the installation successful. No more unsafe working on the side of a pallet but on a safe and solid workbench. The workshop is richly provided with all kinds of materials that insures that the realisation of your project goes as smooth and efficient as possible and lost time is reduced to an minimum.