Maintenance at - 25 degrees Celsius

Cold requires customization

NewCold is a fast-growing specialist in the field of frozen storage and distribution,
"advanced cold logistics" as they call it themselves. With branches in Europe, United
States and Australia, NewCold is a global player. They asked TNR-Techniek to do an
inspection of the 16 Dambach warehouse cranes at their site in Wakefield, England.

During this inspection it quickly became apparent that the maintenance manual used
had been properly designed, but was insufficiently tailored to their specific
circumstances. At temperatures well below zero, maintenance requires a completely different approach. Special greases and oils are needed, less lubrication and more frequent inspections.
Mechanical compositions of all materials change at temperatures below zero, i.e. cold makes components brittle and fragile, and that applies not only to plastics but also to steel. Last does not only applies for the installed machines, but also for the construction of the warehouse itself. Modern warehouses are self-supporting and are therefore part of the inspections carried out by TNR Techniek.


After the inspections, we advised the customer what the best approach is for NewCold. Ton Gomersbach, General Director of TNR-Techniek, has written a training especially for them, focusing on the situation in Wakefield. Upon request, Ton then instructed and trained all the technicians and engineers on site for two weeks.

The results are visible: the warehouse is running better, there is less downtime, there are fewer worn parts and on balance the costs are therefore considerably lower.


Based on these positive experiences, NewCold has asked TNR-Techniek to assist NewCold to realize a maintenance plan for all locations, of which the training will become an important part.


TNR-Techniek, creative solutions through knowledge and experience

In Wakefield, warehouse cranes are the most used equipment. However, many mobile racking is also used in cold stores and because of the low temperature they are under a lot of strain. Remember that an average carriage easily stores 100 tons of goods that have to move back and forth.


TNR-Techniek BV has approximately 50% of its work at temperatures below zero, and therefore also does inspection and maintenance of mobile warehouses. Our engineers know exactly where weaknesses can be found in these systems and look meticulously for them in their inspections. Not only the carriages, but also the racking structure is carefully checked and inspected. TNR-Techniek can also take care of the conversion, repair and upgrades of safety devices.


TNR-Techniek carries out these inspections on behalf of the end customer and also for so-called “third parties”.

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100318 - NewCold automated pallet convey
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